For Health Coaches & Practitioners with a desire to be the BEST. ✅

Upgrade from Health Coaching to Root-Cause Health Coaching™

Based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™

Exclusively taught at Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

From Career Start to Professional Degrees ...

Core Competencies

Start your Health Coach Career

Learn Health Coaching Foundations, Positive Psychology, Communication and Habit Change Skills based on Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies

LPHC Root-Cause Analysis

Upgrade Your Skills & Practice

Radically improve client health outcomes, confidence, and competence by adding Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ to your skillset.

Master's & Ph.D. Doctorate

Earn Degrees & Credentials

Start with the Health Coach Certificate Training or go all the way and earn your Bachelor, Master's and Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching. It's your choice.

Three (3) Credentials in ONE (1) Training

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach
  • HealthiWealthi™ Coach
  • NBC-HWC credential*

With an option to continue and earn your Integrated Master's or Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

“Think Mind-Body Connection on Steriods."

"Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine without Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ is like surgery without anatomy."

"What if you could know the specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits of 1,000+ symptoms just by asking a few questions?"

"I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients."

Dr. Anton Bader, Primary Physician Germany

“The work I am able to offer now is definitely so profound and transformative compared to what I did before for 6 years!”

Nigora Normatova, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Graduate

“I’m COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by this training. I have never taken anything (and I’ve done tons of online learning) this amazing before, both in content and in delivery.”

Cari Nadeau. EFT Practitioner, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Student

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Save $3,684 in Tuition Credits & Bonuses😊

Monthly payment plans are available.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certificate Training

Radically improve client health outcomes, build your confidence and competence with Health Coach Core Competencies, the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™, and advanced transformational Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine protocols, techniques & skills.

Available only for 17 new students and until:


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  • Build your own health coaching business on HealthiWealthi™.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in Degree Programs. What should I do?

You have the option to start with the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coaching Certificate Training (NBHWC approved and ECTS credits will be applied towards our degree programs) and then continue with your Integrated Masters and Ph.D. Degree.

The BEST OPTION is to schedule an evaluation call and explore the extensive tuition & work experience credits and scholarships we offer.

Schedule a strategy call with Emma Patricio, LPU Directory Of Training to evaluate options and find out which program fits your needs and budget.

What's the science and evidence?

Lifestyle Medicine has been extensively researched over the last 30 years.

The fact is that lifestyle is causing a majority of chronic, non-communicable diseases and evidence shows that comprehensive lifestyle improvements have the potential to stop and reverse up to 80% of chronic diseases.

Please visit for an extensive overview of Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching, and Lifestyle Prescriptions® research.

Why should I take this course?

Here are 5 reasons and benefits for you and your practice:

• Increase revenue

• Upgrade your practice

• Be a leader in this new emerging field of healthcare

• Reconnect with your love of medicine and healing

• Deal with your burnout and balance your health & life

Here are 5 reasons and benefits for your clients:

• Empower clients

• Provide options and a choice of care

• Health outcomes and quality of life improve

• You'll be your patient's hero

• Increase of word-of-mouth and referrals

Is the training beneficial if I have minimal time to study and for patients?

Yes absolutely. We know you're busy running your practice and helping your patients. That's why we focus on the essential skills, techniques & tools (no fluff or time-wasters).

Can I use the term Lifestyle Prescriptions® or Prescribe Lifestyle Medicine?

The trademarked term 'Lifestyle Prescriptions®' is the exclusive trademark of the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University and can only be used after completing an approved training. After completion of the above certificate training you will be able to use the term Lifestyle Prescriptions® and associated worksheets, flyers.

To get a full accredited advanced certification or degree in Lifestyle Prescriptions® please contact us.

The terms 'Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine' or 'Lifestyle Medicine Prescriptions' are used by several schools or organizations and as far as we know are not trademarked.

Both are very different processes and therefore we teach both protocols so you have the flexibility to use either 'Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine' based on the 4 pillars OR the precision and root-cause-focused 'Lifestyle Prescriptions® process.

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