Radically improve your competency, confidence, and client health outcomes with

Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching

Based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™

Earn 2 credentials (NBHWC and LPHC) and premium access to our HealthiWealthi™ Coach platform.

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Learn Health Coaching Foundations, Positive Psychology, Communication and Habit Change Skills based on Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies

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LPU graduates get premium access to HealthiWealthi™ Platform & Ecosystem to build your prosperous online/offline practice offering group meetings, personal consultations, chat support and Lifestyle Prescriptions®

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Radically improve client health outcomes, confidence, and competence by adding Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ to your skillset.

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Start with the Health Coach Certificate Training or go all the way and earn your Bachelor, Master's and Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching. It's your choice.

The Chronic Disease Solution

“The research is clear: Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching work. Our goal at Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible to everyone and prepare you for the big opportunities opening up in healthcare."

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University and HealthiWealthi™, Producer Lifestyle Medicine Summit and Health Coach Summit

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LPHC CERTIFICATE: 9-12 Months Hybrid Self-Study & Live Classes

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certificate Training (LPHC+NBHWC)

Radically improve client health outcomes, build your confidence and competence with Health Coach Core Competencies, the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™, and advanced transformational Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine protocols, techniques & skills.

Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

Module #1 SELF-STUDY: Root-Cause Analysis and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™

Start your journey by completing these engaging self-study courses

  • 104 | LPHC-SELFHE - The Art & Science of Self-Healing
  • 105 | LPHC-ROOTA1 - 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process
  • 106 | LPHC-OMBAN1 - Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy I (Charts)

Module #2 PRAC1-RCA: 10 Week Root-Cause Analysis Live Class Practice

After completing the above 3 self-study courses, continue by scheduling the PRAC1-RCA Practicum Intensive (starting bi-annually on March 15 and Sept. 15).

Learn how to implement the Art and Science of Self-Healing, 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process, and the Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Charts with clients. Learning outcomes include:

  • Gain confidence in using Health Coach Core Competencies
  • Apply the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process
  • Elicit stress triggers, emotions, beliefs of over 1,000 symptoms
  • Spot the 9 major points and phases of self-healing
  • Use the invaluable Organ-Mind-Brain Reference Charts

Module #3 SELF-STUDY: Root-Cause Health Coaching Techniques & Skills

After fulfilling the 3 PRAC1-RCA Practicum requirements (Attend all live classes, submit 5 Root-Cause Analysis client cases and 1 live demo recording) students will get access to the Module #3 self-study courses.

Deepen your root-cause analysis and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy skills and learn evidence-based Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols (addressing all 6 Root-Causes).

  • 107 | LPHC-QHABIT - Quantum Habits for Peak Performance
  • 109 | LPHC-ENEPSY - Energy Psychology Precision EFT
  • 110 | LPHC-EMOBEL - Emotion, Belief, Values, Energy, Lifestyle
  • 111 | LPHC-QNBTE - Quantum-Neuro-Biology Techniques

After completing the above self-study courses you will continue by scheduling the 2nd PRAC1-LPHC Practicum Intensive (starting bi-annually on March 15 and Sept. 15 with Wednesday and Sunday Live Classes at 2 pm EST | 18 UK).

Module #4 PRAC1-LPHC: 10 Week Health Coaching Live Class Practice

Practice Root-Cause Health Coaching™ techniques & skills to coach clients to improve all 6 root-causes of chronic symptoms.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Use the 4-Step habit loop to help clients improve lifestyle habits
  • Decode stress triggers, habits & behaviors using Energy Psychology based techniques
  • Release unresolved emotional hurts (an advanced root-cause based tapping technique)
  • Align beliefs & values with 4-questions reframing, values elicitation & alignment, and life goal-setting skills
  • Lifestyle Habit Protocols: A science-based and common-sense approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management
  • Quantum Energy Healing: Learn mindfulness, breathing, and energy healing techniques for yourself and your clients
  • Writing Lifestyle Prescriptions®: Using the power of root-cause-based “healthy” prescriptions to establish new habits to eat better, stress less, exercise smarter, and love more.

After fulfilling the PRAC1-LPHC Practicum requirements (Attend all live classes, submit a further 5 Root-Cause Analysis client cases and 1 live demo recording) students will be ready to complete their LPHC certification.


To be certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach™ students must successfully complete:

  • All self-study and practicum courses
  • Submit a total of 20 client cases
  • Record a total of 3 live demos (with 20 min. faculty feedback)

See the evaluation requirement form here.


After being certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach™ students can decide to get the additional NBHWC certification which will require them to pass the NBHWC exam. Get details here.

Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ Charts

Our exquisite high-quality printed Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Reference Charts & Posters, which will arrive via priority mail at your offices, include 5 posters, 13 charts, and Lifestyle Prescription® pads.

Use the charts to easily find the root-cause conflicts, stress triggers, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits of 1,000+ symptoms and 150 organ tissue – just by asking a few questions.

Our graduates absolutely love these charts as a tool to educate, empower and inspire clients and provide a scientific basis to their work.

Accreditations & Requirements

Admission Requirements

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certification is ideal for health professionals with a desire to radically improve health outcomes, and increase competence, confidence, and credentials.


Lifestyle Prescriptions® University programs are accredited by these esteemed professional organizations:

  • ASIC UK (EU) – Masters and Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine and Root-Cause Health Coaching
  • NBC-HWC – National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
  • LPHC – Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation
  • IICT – International Institute of Complementary Therapists – Approved training provider

Tuition & Financial Aid

Contact us for a detailed overview of the certification training & degree program tuition including potential credits, financial aid, and scholarship options.

Student Support Benefits

The path to becoming a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach (LPHC) includes self-study segments, practice, supervision, and practicum live online classes taught by our dedicated and highly qualified LPU Specialists and faculty members.

  • Mentor supervision calls
  • Study discussion group support
  • Open Q&A for client-related questions
  • Personal attention via our LPU faculty

Faculty & Mentors

Highly regarded and qualified Health Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Experts will teach and guide you towards your certification:

Johannes R. Fisslinger, LPHCS,​​​​​ USA and Germany

Founder and President Lifestyle Prescriptions® University, Developer ThermoBuzzer Infrared Imaging Technology, Producer “Titans of Yoga” and “Lifestyle Medicine” films, Co-founder National Yoga Month Awareness Campaign September, Producer Lifestyle Medicine Summits, author “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms.

Aisling Killoran, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, LPHCS

Ireland Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Infertility Specialist with over 25 years of experience in facilitating positive health and wellbeing. Clinical experience and certified in Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, HeartMath Coach, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques, Tapas Acupressure Techniques, Hypnobirthing, Counselling skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Annie Gedye​, B.S., UK

B.Sc. Marine Biology, Certificate in training for Adult Education, taught at Salisbury and Bournemouth Colleges in Adult Education covering Anatomy and Physiology, Reflexology, Massage, and Nutrition; Bowen Physical Therapy and Energy Psychology Practitioner. Co-developer of the Quantum-Neuro-Biology-Technique, BWRT Level 1&2, EFT-Advanced, NLP, Hypnosis and Counseling, Annie has been practicing and teaching Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching for the last 9 years and is one of the highest praised LPU faculty members and instructors.

Anton Bader MD, Germany

Dr. Anton Bader retired after 40 years of practicing medicine from his busy family practice in Germany and is now traveling the world teaching Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching workshops and training. He’s a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist and considered the world authority in Brain Relay Diagnostics and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection.

Yasmine Farouk, M.A. Dubai UAE

B.S. degree in International Business; Master Degree from ESlSCA and currently enrolled in M.A. degree program in Psychology with Cal-Southern University & Certified Guided Imagery Guide, Professional Life Coach (CLC), Parent-Youth-Family Coach (CFYP), Parent Educator, Neuro-linguistic Hypnotherapist, and Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, and ThermoBuzzer Thermography Imaging Practitioner

Gita Jayakumar, LPHCS India

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist, Yoga Teacher, BWRT, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, PEAT, Root Healing, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Bach Flower, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy Practitioner

Degree Program Credits

By completing your Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certification you will earn 53 ECTS credits towards your Master's Degree in Health Coaching (and your Ph.D. Doctorate Degree).

Talk to our admissions team about how to earn your degree and credit your previous education, work experience, and the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach training program.

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  • Build your own health coaching business on HealthiWealthi™
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Our dedication is for you to become a masterful Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coach Specialist and lead the way in one of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare.

You're going to love our amazing community of doctors, allied and complementary practitioners, and what and how we teach.

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"I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients."

Dr. Anton Bader, Primary Physician Germany

“The work I am able to offer now is definitely so profound and transformative compared to what I did before for 6 years!”

Nigora Normatova, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Graduate

“I’m COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by this training. I have never taken anything (and I’ve done tons of online learning) this amazing before, both in content and in delivery.”

Cari Nadeau. EFT Practitioner, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Student

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in Degree Programs. What should I do?

You have the option to start with the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coaching Certificate Training (NBHWC approved and ECTS credits will be applied towards our degree programs) and then continue with your Integrated Masters and Ph.D. Degree.

The BEST OPTION is to schedule an evaluation call and explore the extensive tuition & work experience credits and scholarships we offer.

Schedule a strategy call with Emma Patricio, LPU Directory Of Training to evaluate options and find out which program fits your needs and budget.

What's the science and evidence?

Lifestyle Medicine has been extensively researched over the last 30 years.

The fact is that lifestyle is causing a majority of chronic, non-communicable diseases and evidence shows that comprehensive lifestyle improvements have the potential to stop and reverse up to 80% of chronic diseases.

Please visit https://www.lifestyleprescriptions.tv/phd/research-science/ for an extensive overview of Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching, and Lifestyle Prescriptions® research.

Why should I take this course?

Here are 5 reasons and benefits for you and your practice:

• Increase revenue

• Upgrade your practice

• Be a leader in this new emerging field of healthcare

• Reconnect with your love of medicine and healing

• Deal with your burnout and balance your health & life

Here are 5 reasons and benefits for your clients:

• Empower clients

• Provide options and a choice of care

• Health outcomes and quality of life improve

• You'll be your patient's hero

• Increase of word-of-mouth and referrals

Is the training beneficial if I have minimal time to study and for patients?

Yes absolutely. We know you're busy running your practice and helping your patients. That's why we focus on the essential skills, techniques & tools (no fluff or time-wasters).

Can I use the term Lifestyle Prescriptions® or Prescribe Lifestyle Medicine?

The trademarked term 'Lifestyle Prescriptions®' is the exclusive trademark of the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University and can only be used after completing an approved training. After completion of the above certificate training you will be able to use the term Lifestyle Prescriptions® and associated worksheets, flyers.

To get a full accredited advanced certification or degree in Lifestyle Prescriptions® please contact us.

The terms 'Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine' or 'Lifestyle Medicine Prescriptions' are used by several schools or organizations and as far as we know are not trademarked.

Both are very different processes and therefore we teach both protocols so you have the flexibility to use either 'Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine' based on the 4 pillars OR the precision and root-cause-focused 'Lifestyle Prescriptions® process.

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