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$395,000 Tuition Credits / Scholarships have been granted in 2023.

How to earn your Ph.D. Degree?

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is proud to partner with the non-profit Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation to provide tuition credits (partial scholarships) to train leaders in Lifestyle Medicine and help make Lifestyle Medicine accessible to everyone.

To join our Ph.D. Fast-Track Degree Program and secure up to $10,000 in tuition reduction* review and follow the steps below.

Tuition Credit Conditions:
  • Next Enrollment Window: February 7, 2024 - March 15, 2024.
  • Apply now to credit work experience, reduce tuition and study time
  • Applications will be processed in the order they are received.
  • Up to $10,000 per student (for maximum 25 new degree students).
  • The remaining Ph.D. Fast-Track Tuition can be paid one-time, annually, or via monthly payment plans.
  • Applications will be submitted, reviewed and approved by the LPU committee (after the evaluation call).
  • New students will receive their enrollment confirmation within 7 days.
Enrolment Requirements:

Enrollment requirements include:

  • Applicants should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline
  • Applicants should be proficient in the English language
  • Applicants must possess basic smartphone or computer operating skills
  • Applicants should possess at least one (1) year of professional working experience in the field of Healthcare, Nursing, Psychology, Counseling, Mental Health, Social Work, Health Coaching or related areas of work
  • Applicants are committed to invest attention, time & energy to complete the Ph.D. Fast-Track in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Applicants are able to pay the tuition (after deduction of scholarships and tuition credits) as agreed during the evaluation call.

Required Documents

  • Latest CV / Résumé
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Photo (jpg. format)
  • Copies of degrees, diplomas & certificates
Ph.D. Fast-Track 2 Options

Depending on your credentials and qualifications you will complete your Ph.D. degree using one of these two tracks:

  • #1 PH.D. ONLY: Enroll directly into the Ph.D. Degree Program if applicant possesses a recognized Master Degree in any field, a recognized Post Graduate Diploma (PGD - Level 7 equivalent) in Healthcare, or qualifications equivalent to a Master Degree.
  • #2 FAST-TRACK: Enroll into the Ph.D. Degree FAST-TRACK Program which includes the Integrated Masters (Bachelor & Master) and the Ph.D. Degree Programs if applicant does not possess a recognized degree or Post Graduate Diploma.

Enroll first and discuss course requirements during your enrollment call with our advisor.

Ph.D. Curriculum & Research

The Ph.D. in Lifestyle Medicine Track Option #1 (with existing Master's or Diploma*) includes:


  • 102 | D-LM-LMSCIENCE Lifestyle Medicine I - The Science
  • 103 | D-LM-PRESCRLM Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine
  • 202 | D-RCA-SELFHEAL The Art & Science of Self-Healing
  • 203 | D-LPHC-COMSKILL Neuro Communication Skills
  • 204 | D-RCA-ROOTANALY 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process I
  • 206 | D-RCA-PRAC1RCA RCA Practicum
  • 301 | D-LPHC-QUATHABIT Quantum Habits for Peak Performance


  • 406 | D-MA-ACADWRITE English Academic Writing I
  • 407 | D-MA-STATISTICS 10-Week Statistics & Qualitative Research
  • 408 | D-MA-LITREVIEW 6-Week Literature Review
  • 409 | D-MA-RESEARME 6-Week Research Methodologies
  • 410 | D-MA-PROPO6 MA/Ph.D. 6-Weeks Proposal Course
  • 502 | D-PHD-DISSERTA Dissertation Research, Writing & Defending


  • Degree Supervisor Support
  • LPU Degree Committee Guidance
  • LPU Faculty Support


  • Complete Your Proposal
  • Research Your Topic
  • Write Your Dissertation
  • Defend Your Dissertation
  • Award Graduation
3-Step Application Process:
  • Start your enrollment application.
  • Schedule your enrollment call.
  • Receive LPU committee approval.

Earn your Ph.D. Degree, start or upgrade your career, raise your income, become a successful author or leading researcher in Lifestyle Medicine.

Be a leader in the emerging healthcare 3.0.

* Your scholarship and tuition credits will reduce your degree program tuition 50-75%. The remaining tuition will be covered by students via pay-in-full or monthly payment plans.

* Additional tuition credits based on your existing degrees, diplomas and professional work experience may be available (and will be reviewed and approved during your enrollment call). For details contact your enrollment advisor.

Lifestyle Medicine adressing Root-Causes

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University programs are deeply anchored in evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine with a focus on micro-habit improvements using Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Learn the 4 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and how to integrate comprehensive lifestyle modification protocols including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management and social support.¹

The 6 Root-Causes and the Points & Phases of Auto-Regulation based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ allow practitioners to be precise in their analysis and increase health outcomes. ¹

Our measurable Micro-Habit Improvement Protocols allow practitioners to improve patient compliance and monitor lifestyle habit improvements.

Transform lives with micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Lifestyle Prescription® University exclusively teaches the evidence-based use and integration of micro-habit Lifestyle Prescription® into clinical practice and health coaching.

Lifestyle Prescription® are used by physicians, healthcare providers, and health coaches to define SMART lifestyle micro-habits to be implemented and practiced by clients/patients to increase compliance.

* Lifestyle Prescriptions® can be only used to improve lifestyle habits. No rx medical prescription, diagnosis, therapy is provided.

Why study with LPU?

Our history: Since 2010 teaching health coaching | 2015 Introducing Lifestyle Prescriptions® | 2020 Launched the first Lifestyle Medicine Degree programs Worldwide

  • 6825

Students are currently enrolled in Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

  • 57

Countries From Which Students Are Pursuing Their Online Education

  • 91

% Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Students Satisfied

  • 83

% Students Likely Or Very Likely To Recommend Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

I feel honored to be the first Pakistani Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Coaching graduate. Indeed, it was an outstanding learning journey and equipped me with skills to practice as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

Fatima Ehsan MD, 2023 Lifestyle Medicine Root-Cause Coaching Graduate

Amazing accredited university. Since I started my PhD program I have learned unique techniques and valuable knowledge and started implementing each of them on my patients which rewarded me to be in a senior position. Thank you for all professionals at this university.

Mrs. Almansowri, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Ph.D. Student

“In my busy integrative and lifestyle medical practice I love using the lifestyle prescription® Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Charts and quickly ask patients if the conflict-stress themes and emotions connected with their symptoms ring a bell and almost everyone gets it.”

Dr. Kevin Chan, Lifestyle Medicine Arizona USA

“I’m COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by this training. I have never taken anything (and I’ve done tons of online learning) this amazing before, both in content and in delivery.”

​Cari Nadeau. EFT Practitioner, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Student

​I love the program, I’ve learned so much, about the body and about myself. It’s been an incredible journey so far for my own self-healing. Looking forward to live practicum classes!”

Olivia Schoen, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Student

“Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis allows me to get to the root-cause of chronic symptoms fast. It is a life changing and an amazing tool.”

Dr. Stephane Provencher​​​​​, USA

“I have a huge influx of clients which is incredible for me, managing 16 clients right now who are in the 3-month program. 🙂 Never happened before. The work I am able to offer now is definitely so PROFOUND and TRANSFORMATIVE compared to what I did before for 6 years!”

Nigora Normatova, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Graduate

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And best of all you'll join a passionate global community of healthcare providers with a joint mission to make Lifestyle Medicine accessible to everyone.


¹ For an extensive list of Lifestyle Medicine and Root-Cause Health Coaching™ research papers please click here.

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